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Women's and Gender Studies: Mid-Term Exam Assignment

Assignments and resources for WMST 1080- G. Wheatley

Midterm Exam Instructions

Access the Casper College academic databases (some are listed below) and select one reading about some aspect of women’s studies. The article should be from a peer-reviewed journal and should not be a book review or other short review.

Please select a journal article that personally interests you. Past students have selected such topics as

  • the image of women in vampire fiction
  • body image
  • women in volleyball/basketball/other sports
  • women in education
  • Florence Nightingale
  • Hilary Clinton
  • Sarah Palin
  • women in education/social work/ medical fields/firefighting/science/math
  • women inventors
  • women and rodeo/fly fishing/hunting
  • famous chef/writer/artist/dancer/engineer/scientist

Identifying Peer-reviewed Journals

A peer-reviewed journal can be recognized by the following characteristics:

  1. It is concerned with academic study.
  2. The articles contain bibliographies of cited and related works.
  3. The articles are written and reviewed by experts in the field.
  4. The author's credentials and institutional affiliation are always included.
  5. Often an abstract of the article is included at the beginning of the article.
  6. The articles report on original research, or reviews and evaluates material that has already been published, or expands and refines a theory.
  7. The journal is published by a professional association, society, research association, or academic institution.

All journals now have an online presence. To understand what differentiates a scholarly journal from a popular magazine like People Magazine, it is useful to visit a given journal's website. 

One example: Journal of Abnormal Psychology

Peer-Reviewed Journals with Full-Text


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