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Biography and Primary Sources: Assignment

Developed for Western Civilization assignment.


Western Civilization -History 1110 assignment


Historical Biography Project


Your assignment is to create a presentation on a person who impacted the course of Western Civilization in the time period from Paleolithic to Reformation. (approx to 1600's)

The person cannot have been a royal or a military leader.

Each presentation will include the following:

1. Identification of the individual in his/her historical context.

2. Analysis and description of the individual's contributions to history.

3. Quotations by the individual or by one of his/her contemporaries.

4. A typed annotated bibliography.

      A. This must include at least one primary source.

      B. This must include at least two secondary sources.


"A primary source is something written by the historical figure you choose to study or by someone who directly knew him/her. Autobiographies, letters (often found in other books or on websites) , newspaper clippings, trial transcripts, and Congressional Records are acceptable primary sources. Quotations from on-line quotations pages DO NOT COUNT."

"Secondary sources are books and journal articles written by historians."

"Wikipedia does not constitute a valid source."


The above information was taken from the fall 2012 syllabus of Dr. Tanis Lovercheck-Saunders and MAY NOT represent the total assignment.

Students are advised to check their current syllabus.